Adtooz Media

Brand: Adtooz Media

Affiliate Partner: InnovativeLead

Objective of the campaign: Lead Generation for  Online Marketing

Conversion Flow:
  1. User will click on mailer or banner.
  2. Fill all required details on landing page.
  3. User clicks on the proceed button.
  4. Pixel fires here and visit is considered, credited.
Source of Media Promotion:
  1. Email Marketing
  2. Banner Promotion
  3. Social Media Registration

Targeting :Pan India, Lifestyle, Luxury, Online shoppers, active internet users, sports, and automobiles
Age :  26+

Validation Criteria  :  All call verified leads are valid

Campaign Statistics
      • Visit Approval rate in Phase I: 68%

      • Lead Approval rate in Phase II and III: 71% & 76% respectively

Over all Approval Percentage: 71%

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