Helps brands reach out to their target group by segmenting & targeting profiled email subscribers of relevant publishers over email campaigns based on Rich analytics derived from historical response rates across campaigns & publishers.

Email Marketing Services

What’s in there?

      • over 100 strong dedicated client sucess team for end-to-end strategic and tactical planning and execution.
      • State-of-the art infrastructure for handling complete process of managing email marketing program.
      • ROI optimized by managing email campaigns, automated CRM integration, DIY Responsive Editor and end-to-end project implement with dedicated resources.
      • Experiences handling of Email Activities including best practices, latest important trends and ongoing issues with niche topics like deliverability, Responsive design and emerging channels like mobile and wilder issues like segmentation & targeting etc.

      Deliver Maximum relevance, revenue and loyalty with all of your messaging.
      We brings you the power of innovative and feature-rich digital marketing technology with unparalleled services from an industry leader.

      Technology That scales
      Our mail has grown to become an industry leader in terms of scale and speed. Brand leaders around the world continue to entrust their digital marketing programs to Mail. whether you are looking to segment large customer files, coordinate complex campaigns across multiple brands and channels, deploy automated and triggered messages, or empower your field reps to do local marketing.

      Email Validation

      Improve email list hygiene with email validation
      our Email validation accurately identifies whether an email address is valid and deliverable, allowing you to remove harmful email addresses before you mail. Since ISP’s are increasingly focused om sender reputation as a driver of Inbox placement Rate, removing invalid email addresses prior to sending results in improved email marketing performances.

      How you can work with us
      The email validation service can be utilised in different ways:

      Marketers use our email validation to ensure incoming data or contact lists contain only valid email addresses.

      • Real-time validation at the point of collection
      • Automated batch hygiene
      • List validation


      The highest standards in online publishing


      Lead Acquisition & Opt-in E-Mail Marketing

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