♦ Social Media Optimization (SMO) wok as a viral marketing such that it distribute 1 to 5, 5 to 25, 25 to 125 and so on…
◊  Facebook: 45 Million users in India
◊ Twitter: 15 million users in India
◊ LinkedIn: 15 million users in India
◊ Google+: 8 million users for Google+

♦  Pinterest: The demographics for Pinterest users in Canada slightly vary.
◊ 66 percent of Canadian Pinterest users are female.
◊ 54 percent are 24 to 54 years of age.
◊ 38 percent have children.
◊ 35 percent of users have a household income of over 100,000 per year.

Why Social Media Optimization Matters?

  •  SMO can lead to increased traffic to your site, as friends encourage their friends to digest specific content. If you can appeal to a given person, their friends are statistically more likely to be interested in the same thing, so you’re likely reaching a well-targeted audience.
  • SMO isn’t just about building a bigger social media presence for your brand. Whether or not your organization has a strong social network presence, the social networks of others can be leveraged to great effect.


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